When you notice that your laptop is getting slower than before or sometimes it will take so long before you can open your gadget. It would mean that your device is experiencing a problem internally. You are now responsible to check it to a professional one or to a person who knows a lot of things about checking the system of your computer. The microsoft services Columbus said that, you cannot manipulate it without any further knowledge about it. It would ruin and destroy many parts and things outside and inside of it. Reformatting a laptop could be very hard for others, for they don’t know much about doing it so or sometimes they are afraid that the files will be gone for good and they are not yet ready for that.  


You can reformat your laptop using a CD that you can install. You need to back up everything you have in your device especially the most important one. As you know that reformatting your gadget can erase and delete permanently your saved files in there. It is better to prepare and put them in a hard drive or any flash drives. There are different ways to do this now, you may have the installation CD with the laptop after purchasing or your device has its partition setting. That would literally give you the idea that you have to use another way.  

If you are going to use the CD, then you have to put in the drive where you are allowed to put CD and DVD. After you have inserted the installation CD, you should go now to the “my computer” icon and then press the mouse, it should be right click to the drive with the icon disk. Now you may press the mouse to the auto-run label. You don’t need to press anything while waiting for it to process everything by its own. It will be refreshing itself many times after the installation itself is completed.  

If you are not going to have the CD type way of reformatting your laptop, it means you could also do the partition restoration. You can just simple click the F10 function on your keyboard many times till you get the desired boots you are waiting for. It will show and appear to your screen if you are going to restore or repair. The good thing about this kind of way is that you don’t need to do a lot of things, it will automatically process everything there. It will be installing all the precise and original programs and software that is built and downloaded for your laptop or computer. All you need to do here to wait for the steps to be fully completed and everything will be ready to use after that. 

Make sure that you will avoid downloading any application that is not familiar to you, as they may contain some harmful virus and worms to your device.