Most of the cars are now advance in terms of safety technology that made today’s vehicles safer from collision or even collision avoidance system and lane departure warnings are being able to equipped in cars. These features could prevent from serious accidents whether on busy highway of in residential areas.

But despite all these technological advancements, accidents still often occur and most if the reason is due to human error, defective vehicle parts that are not maintained or a bad weather. The more you know on the causes these common car accidents could be able you to take the right precautions to avoid having serious injuries in a traffic accident.

It is more likely that an accident will occur if a motorist will make a poor decision while driving or being failed in following important rules on the road. Most of the causes of car accidents could be prevented such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Road rage
  • Inclement weather
  • Over speeding
  • Tail gaiting
  • Tire blowout

Although most accidents tent to have minor injuries or with minimal damage to property only but some could be serious that might involve multiple vehicles or massive property damage and the possibility of a fatal injury. Here are the five of the top car accidents that often occur on the street.

Rear-end collisions – this is the most common car accident which the front of one car hits the rear of another car. This is sometimes cause by tailgating or the driver is multitasking while driving.

Single vehicular accident – this is also a common accident that is caused when a driver suddenly loses the control over the vehicle and it might be because of braking too hard or a slippery road condition. It might also be over-correcting a mistake or maybe trying to avoid something on the road like rocks or a hole on the road and other obstacles.

Cross traffic accidents – this type of accident always happen on the intersection when a motorist hits the other and sometimes caused by a distraction like using a phone and not looking on the road or not using a signal light when turning left or right.

Sideswipe accidents – this often happen on vehicles that are merging into traffic and is mostly caused when a driver has failed to check on the blind spots when merging.

Low speed accidents – even driving at a minimum speed could also cause accidents and are often occur in parking and residential areas.

These accidents could result to serious injuries and in worst cases, these injuries could be life threatening and fatal.

Accident Victim

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